Sneak Peek #5: The E1337 Signature “Versatile Infinitus” Hoodie

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3 min readDec 14, 2020


The E1337 Signature “Versatile Infinitus” Hoodie is our most functional and performance optimized piece of the E1337 Signature Collection range.

Crafted from a tactical weave of 80% cotton, the Versatile Infinitus allows for unparalleled body heat regulation, while also providing ample protection against the cold during those extensive air-conditioned gaming marathons.

Utilizing a hefty №10 count cotton, rest assured that this rugged yet sophisticated piece of body equipment will run the gamut with you through many gaming sessions and washes.

Our custom oversized hood allows for full upper body coverage at all times, with complete head coverage, even while donning those epically large gaming headphones.

Aptly named, the Versatile Infinitus provides a world of flexibility as a zip-up hoodie equipped with an extra large YKK zipper system for full, partial or open front torso coverage. Feeling adventurous? Our two-way zipper system allows you to unzip the top or bottom of your hoodie while leaving the other extremity closed.

Each of the two separated pockets are also outfitted and secured with the same extra large YKK zipper system, allowing you to focus on forging your way to victory, rather than worrying about losing your keys while fumbling to find that pull tab with cold and numb fingers.

Our Signature Collection colors of black and gold exudes power and sophistication, while our Tri-Diamond design schematic leaves no doubt that you are a new breed of athlete… a new generation of the E1337.

Cut in a slim fit silhouette, the E1337 “Versatile Infinitus” Hoodie is guaranteed to instantly elevate your style on stream and on the streets.

Are you ready to start your journey as an E1337ist?

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