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E1337 Metawear
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I. Introduction

E1337 is the world’s first fully blockchain integrated luxury apparel brand.

Pronounced “Elite”, the brand name stems from the term “1337” which is used as an adjective to describe formidable prowess or accomplishment, especially in the fields of online gaming and computer hacking.

Vision: Empowering Anyone, Any time, Anywhere

Mission: Inspiring “OP” through Comfort, Style and Performance.

Team E1337 designs and creates physical and digital wearables that allow our fans (E1337ists) to express their love for gaming, their passion for technology and their adoration for blockchain.

E1337 wearbles can only be purchased through the brand’s native social token $1337 (ERC-20).

Whether it be walking on the streets of New York or flying through the skies in the digital landscape that is the Metaverse, E1337ists can use $1337 to purchase digital and physical wearables, as well as participate in E1337 Community events and governance.

II. Background

In response to the rapidly growing e-sports sector that lacked quality apparel products, Team E1337 had been sourcing designs, supply chain partners and materials in the Mecca of e-sports, South Korea since August 2019.

On December 10th 2020, the E1337 team made fashion history and launched the world’s very first luxury e-sports apparel brand.

Within 2 months of launch, E1337 had sold out on a sizable initial production with zero customer complaints, zero product returns and a rabidly growing fanbase.

Along with the success of the E1337 product line, also came the success of the $1337 token, the world’s very first ERC-20 based loyaly points system, which served as the loyalty rewards infrastructure for E1337 product purchasers.

Moving from an initial value of $0.05 to over $2.00 during the course of the proof-of-concept, it became very apparent that there was an opportunity to move further down the Web 3.0 rabbit hole that was Blockchain.

This whitepaper and the official launch of E1337 is the result of the experience garnered from the successful initial launch, careful observations on product-market fit and in-depth analysis on future market trends.

III. Brand Positioning:

Built for Gaming, Inspired by Digital, Powered by Blockchain.

Built for Gaming:

E1337’s product design ethos is founded in gaming.

Through extensive research of gamers and the gaming lifestyle, E1337 was created as a brand to empower gaming enthusiasts in quality, function and aesthetics through highly customized and beautifully crafted wearables.

Designed, sourced and manufactured out of the world’s Esports Mecca, South Korea, E1337’s custom high specification wearables are built to inspire, empower and perform.

Inspired by Digital:

E1337’s creation process transverses the physical to the digital, extending from the Universe to the Metaverse.

Fans of E1337 can not only don their limited edition wearables in the physical world, but also acquire even scarcer digital wearables for their epic exploits across the Metaverse.

Powered by Blockchain:

E1337 is on the cutting edge of technology, utilizing the Ethereum blockchain to power authenticity tracking, loyalty tokens and the E1337 economy.

$1337, the loyalty token for E1337, is an exclusive ERC-20 token that allows holders to redeem E1337 physical and digital wearables. Holders of $1337 have full control over their tokens, allowing them to hold, redeem, earn or sell at any time.

All physical E1337 wearables come with a beautiful art-based non-fungible token (NFT) that proves authenticity, provenance and scarcity.

IV. Product

Team E1337 designs and creates physical and digital wearables that allow our fans (E1337ists) to express their love for gaming, their passion for technology and their adoration for blockchain across the universe as well as the metaverse.

E1337 wearables can only be purchased through the brand’s native social token $1337 (ERC-20).

Each digital and physical wearable will have an associated rarity and corresponding mint or production quantity as follows:

  • Rare: 5,000
  • Epic: 1,000
  • Legendary: 100
  • Mythic: 10
  • Unique: 1

Physical Wearables:

  • E1337 physical wearables will be available in extremely limited quantity due to supply chain requirements.
  • Pricing will be inclusive of global shipping.
  • All physical wearables will come with a limited edition cryptoart NFT with delivery times pending Ethereum mainnet gas fees.
  • $1337 pricing on physical wearables will be pegged to USD and adjusted at 5 PM KST on a daily basis (Monday to Friday).
  • Large price changes to the $1337 token might result in more frequent price updating.
  • Product exchanges due to quality issues can be addressed through the #customer-care channel in Discord. Product returns due to sizing or non-quality related issues will not be entertained.

Digital Wearables:

  • E1337 digital wearable NFTs will be designed in high poly 3D modelling, enabling E1337ists to utilize their wearables in a wide variety of metaverse projects.
  • Holders of digital wearables can expect to eventually be able to use the wearable in the top 3 metaverse projects with a single NFT.
  • Digital wearables will be future proofed via process and technology to ensure upgradability and usability.
  • Timing of the inclusion/ exclusion of metaverse wearable support as well as digital wearable upgrades will be governed through the E1337 DAO.
  • Eventual usability of E1337 digital wearables will be dependent on individual metaverse platform support, stability and cohesion with NFT technology.

V. Tokenomics

With a total supply of 10 million $1337, core to the business model is the tokenomics of the $1337 token which are as follows (all values in $1337):

  • Partners and Team Reserve: 2,000,000 (2.0 million; 20%)
  • $WHALE Community Reserve: 1,500,000 (1.5 million; 15%)
  • E1337 Community Distribution: 4,000,000 (4.0 million; 40%)
  • E1337 Corporate Reserve: 2,500,000 (2.5 Million; 25%)

As $WHALE and $1337 share a common founder (WhaleShark), practical synergies will be built between both communities to ensure joint use case, benefits and growth that can be enjoyed by the holders of both these tokens.

The E1337 Community Distribution will occur at a rate of 20,000 $1337 per month through the following mechanisms (all values in $1337):

  • Team stipends: 5,000 (25%)
  • Marketing: 5,000 (25%)
  • Liquidity mining rewards: 5,000 (25%)
  • Role holding rewards: 5,000 (25%)

Revenue in $1337 derived from physical and digital wearable sales will enter the E1337 Corporate Reserve which will operate on the basis of token stability and business operations sustainability.

$1337 will not be available to be purchased directly from E1337, but can be acquired through the following methods:

  • Purchase through centralized or decentralized exchanges.
  • Liquidity mining of the UNI-ETH pair on Uniswap.
  • Airdrops to role holders in the E1337 Discord.
  • Participation in events and competitions on the E1337 social media accounts, including but not limited to Discord, Twitter and Instagram.

$1337 tokens can be acquired through Uniswap here.

VI. Token Use Case

Holding $1337 will unlock a myriad of use cases that will allow E1337ist to benefit from both earning and redemption opportunities:

  • Redeem scarce physical E1337 wearables.
  • Redeem scarce digital E1337 wearables.
  • Community voting on governance, product launches and improvements
  • Access to exclusive E1337 content.
  • Earn more E1337 through hold-2-play initiatives such as E1337ist and liquidity mining.

E1337 wearables (both physical and digital) will only be purchasable by using $1337.

Participation availability and levels in the above use cases will also be specific to different levels of $1337 holding roles.

VII. E1337 Roles

Three levels of E1337 roles will be available on our Discord that allow E1337 Community members to benefit from the E1337 product line and $1337 tokenomics:


The foundational-level role for members of the E1337 Community to start enjoying the benefits of event participation, airdrops and community governance and voting:

  • Holding requirements: 13.37 $1337 in Metamask
  • Escalator: 13.37% per month


The die-hard fan role for members of the E1337 Community who will enjoy greater access and benefits.

  • Holding requirements: 133.7 $1337 in Metamask
  • Escalator: 13.37% per month


Congratulations, you have achieved singularity with the E1337 brand, the E1337 product line, the E1337 Community and the $1337 token.

This is the highest tier of membership that one can achieve in the E1337 Community and will, in correspondence, also receive the highest level of benefits.

  • Holding requirements: 1337 $1337 in Metamask
  • Escalator: 13.37% per month

Detailed benefits to all roles will be released at a later date.

E1337 Metawear: Built for Gaming, Inspired by Digital, Powered by Blockchain.

Are you ready to start your journey as an E1337ist?

Twitter: https://twitter.com/E1337_Pro



E1337 Metawear

The world’s first metaverse luxury apparel brand only attainable through social tokens. Built for Gaming, Inspired by Digital, Powered by Blockchain.