E1337 MetaWear Interim Update: September 30th 2021

Introduction and Recap:

While updates have been far and few between since our official launch in April, Team E1337 continues to be hard at work behind the scenes in developing new product, community events and partnerships.

The last 4 months has seen the team refocus on fundamentals to prepare for the larger expected growth ahead and some important milestones from the last quarter including:

  1. Monumental growth in the number of our community members
  2. Stable growth of holders of the $1337 token
  3. Active redemptions for both digital and physical wearables
  4. Increasing engagement and participation at all E1337 Discord streams.

Given the above successes, we do have a long and exciting journey ahead so here is a quick break down on some of the important information you need to know about E1337 and $1337:


Delays in digital wearable launches have been experienced as the team is awaiting on implementation of digital wearable permissions from our two target metaverse projects. While we can say that we are close to allowing our E1337ists to have a wearable use case for our digital wearables, timing for these two platforms cannot be estimated for the time being.

Given that, the product design team has been hard at work and in lieu of launching new collections, E1337 has designed and modelled several new clothing lines in advance and now possesses an inventory of 5 collections and 30 digital wearables that can be minted and released to market at any time.

We fully believe in the vision of NFTs not being just a pretty jpeg file, but rather, a versatile digital asset that one can use in multiple circumstances.

Till our E1337ists are able to use their wearables in the metaverse, the design team will continue to increase the inventory of digital wearable collections available for immediate launch, therefore providing an ample buffer of product and innovation for release when the time is right.

Due to the immediate nature of our partnership with Axie GG, we will be releasing a limited run of E1337 x Axie GG inspired digital wearables on October 1st 2021 in extremely limited quantities.

Upon confirmation of digital wearable use case, all previous NFTs sold by E1337 will have wearability in our two target metaverse projects.

Sneak peek of a new and upcoming E1337collection.
E1337 x Axie GG Collaboration Hoodie: #000, Chief

DeFi (Decentralized Finance):

E1337 was the very first digital and physical metawear brand in the world to only accept our native digital currency, $1337, as a method of payment for merchandise. This new and innovative business model will continue to remain the core of our commercial infrastructure and has also allowed us to implement DeFi mechanisms such as liquidity mining on Uniswap and role holding benefits.

Implementation of our DeFi mechanisms have been flawless with many members achieving a significant ROI simply by holding $1337.

Given that, we will be introducing a couple of changes to the role holding requirements to make these benefits more accessible to current and future E1337ists.

Stay tuned for a separate and immediate article that explains these changes in more detail.

A huge congratulations to all of our diamond hand hodlers and we look forward to dropping more $1337 and digital wearables to all of you in the near future.

The E1337 Cyberpunk Mech Hoodie digital wearable. One of many NFTs that have been dropped to our E1337 role holders.


The community growth at E1337 has been extremely strong with significant increases in both membership as well as engagement. Moving forward, E1337 will be predominantly focused on 3 of our favorite games in the blockchain space: Axie Infinity, Blankos Blockparty and Gods Unchained.

Regular streaming of events have been gaining a significant amount of traction courtesy of Chief (Axie) and Lange (Blankos), with some very exciting news on the Gods Unchained front to be released shortly.

We firmly believe in the growth of community before any other aspect of the project and are committed to delivering consistent and quality content to all of our E1337ists.


As a luxury metawear brand, we are committed to the highest levels of branding and marketing in the space, and our partnership with NFT Studios has seen the advent of many new marketing tools that have been or will be released in the very near future.

Something that all E1337ists can benefit from today, is the inclusion of a Web 3.0 referral program whereby advocates of the brand can earn $1337 for recommending the purchase of E1337 gear:

Become an E1337 Affiliate today through our Web 3.0 Affiliate Program.

We also highly recommend that current and interested E1337ists follow us on Twitter at @E1337_Pro where you can receive the most up to date information on events, drops and everything E1337 on a daily basis.

More to Come…

As the world’s first luxury metawear apparel brand, this is the very start of our journey with you in defining a new era of e-sports, gaming and fashion.

Our focus on fundamentals and determination to innovate beyond the boundaries of the traditional apparel space is unparalleled and we cannot wait to share everything that we have been building with NFTland and beyond.

E1337 MetaWear: Built for Gaming, Inspired by Digital, Powered by Blockchain.

Are you ready to start your journey as an E1337ist?

Twitter: https://twitter.com/E1337_Pro




The world’s first metaverse luxury apparel brand only attainable through social tokens. Built for Gaming, Inspired by Digital, Powered by Blockchain.

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E1337 Metawear

E1337 Metawear

The world’s first metaverse luxury apparel brand only attainable through social tokens. Built for Gaming, Inspired by Digital, Powered by Blockchain.

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