E1337 Digital Wearables, Scarcity and Future Proofing

E1337 Wearables

  • Rare: 5,000
  • Epic: 1,000
  • Legendary: 100
  • Mythic: 10
  • Unique: 1

E1337 Wearable Pricing and Release

  • Epic: 13.37
  • Legendary: 133.7
  • Mythic: 1337
  • Unique: 13,337 or Auction

Digital Wearable Future Proofing

  • How do I know I’ll be able to use this on all the top platforms?
  • How do I know that if the platform changes standards I’ll still be able to use my wearable?
  • How do I know that if my favorite platform upgrades wearable resolution, my wearable will still be relevant?
  • Stage 1: Container NFTs
  • Stage 2: NFT Swap Contracts
  • Stage 3: Full Container NFTs
  • Stage 4: Wearable upgrade governance and maintenance
  • Stage 5: Full Container NFTs + Swap Contract
  • A 360 degree high-resolution 3D video.
  • High resolution render.
  • Embedded high resolution 3D model(Estimated upgrade 1 week after launch).
  • Embedded Cryptovoxels voxel model (Estimated upgrade 1 week after launch).
  • A single digital wearable NFT that functions and is interoperable with the top 3 metaverse platform projects.
  • A DAO that governs and prioritizes the maintenance and upgrading of existing digital wearables.
  • An NFT swap contract that allows holders to seamlessly upgrade their digital wearables far into the future.



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