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Here at E1337 we are committed to ensuring that when our fans purchase a digital wearable, they are not only receiving a beautifully designed NFT, but also a digital wearable that they will be able to use everywhere (that counts) for as long as they want.

We are also committed to quality over quantity, and while some of our products will be extremely accessible, others will be difficult to attain and will require strong timing and a nice stack of $1337.

Here is our breakdown on our wearables and product launches moving forward:

E1337 Wearables

Team E1337 will be significantly increasing the frequency of digital wearable releases to ensure that E1337ists will always have something fresh, new and cool to rock in the metaverse.

We have currently scheduled new releases monthly for 2021 that include both in-house designed digital wear, as well as some very epic collaborations.

Some of the E1337 in-house designed collections to look forward to in the future include hax0r, Divine, RGB and more.

All wearables that we create will adhere to a strict rarity structure as follows:

  • Rare: 5,000
  • Epic: 1,000
  • Legendary: 100
  • Mythic: 10
  • Unique: 1

This rarity structure aligns with Decentraland and we look forward to integrating the wearables with Decentraland, Cryptovoxels and the Sandbox in the near future.

As all of our digital wearables are designed to the highest high-poly 3D modelling quality, it is also a simple process for the team to adapt designs for any new prominent metaverse projects that come to market.

To keep our operations lean, our approach towards physical wearables has changed. With the exception of the Signature Collection which we will continue to manufacture and hold inventory, new physical wearables will be voted on through the E1337 DAO, presold for $1337 and then manufactured.

Based on decades of new product development experience, Team E1337 has conquered the most difficult portion of apparel development: A high-quality, expeditious and scalable apparel supply chain structure.

E1337ists can expect to receive physical wearables of the highest quality within 2 months of presale closing.

E1337 Wearable Pricing and Release

As E1337 physical and digital wearables will only be attainable through spending $1337, this creates an interesting dynamic on the token price, product pricing and product scarcity.

Our digital wearables will always have a fixed $1337 price, regardless of the price of the $1337 token (all prices in $1337):

  • Epic: 13.37
  • Legendary: 133.7
  • Mythic: 1337
  • Unique: 13,337 or Auction

To account for the theoretical increase of the $1337 token price, all digital wearable sales will initiate from the highest serial number. As more $1337 is purchased from the open market to acquire digital wearables, the newly purchased, relatively higher priced digital wearables will therefore also carry a lower serial number count.

To ensure market alignment with the above value model, new digital wearable releases will drop at a rate of 10% of the total supply every 3 days across 30 days (i.e. a digital wearable with 1,000 editions will drop at a rate of 100 every 3 days).

At any point in time, Team E1337 can and will choose to acquire digital wearables in the market to distribute to role holders, liquidity providers and partners, while at the same time, initiating the next round of daily drops.

Drops will occur at 10:00 AM EST/ 10:00 PM HKT every 3 days. This might change based on demand for the digital wearables.

Physical wearables from the E1337 Signature Collection will follow a similar price structure as production quantities are highly limited and all purchases will be accompanied by a serial numbered proof-of-authenticity digital art NFT which will similarly start issuance from the highest serial number.

Only 100 of each physical wearable (including all sizes) will be available every quarter with only 1,000 wearables in total ever produced. 300 physical wearables have been sold out as of February 2021 which leaves a remaining 700 Signature Collection physical wearable products.

Drop mechanisms are subject to change pending market reception.

The above structure also ensures that early adopters of E1337, early hodlers of $1337 and early collectors of both digital and physical wearables are rewarded appropriately in the long term.

Digital Wearable Future Proofing

One of the largest challenges with developing in the metaverse and digital wearables space is that we are early, and changes to technical standards will be a frequent event.

We believe that when you spend $1337 on an E1337 digital wearable, questions like:

  • How do I know I’ll be able to use this on all the top platforms?
  • How do I know that if the platform changes standards I’ll still be able to use my wearable?
  • How do I know that if my favorite platform upgrades wearable resolution, my wearable will still be relevant?

Should not be a concern.

Whether it be an E1337 cap or an E1337 hoodie, we want our E1337ists to feel assured that we have you covered and will move towards future proofing via the following stages:

  • Stage 1: Container NFTs
  • Stage 2: NFT Swap Contracts
  • Stage 3: Full Container NFTs
  • Stage 4: Wearable upgrade governance and maintenance
  • Stage 5: Full Container NFTs + Swap Contract

Stage 1: Container NFTs — April 30th 2021

When we launch on April 30th 2021, purchasers of E1337 digital wearables will receive an NFT that contains:

  • A 360 degree high-resolution 3D video.
  • High resolution render.
  • Embedded high resolution 3D model(Estimated upgrade 1 week after launch).
  • Embedded Cryptovoxels voxel model (Estimated upgrade 1 week after launch).

This means that purchasers will not only receive a beautiful NFT, but will also be able to use the wearables in any metaverse that supports third-party voxel model based avatars at this point in time (Cryptovoxels).

Stage 2: Swap Contracts— Q2 2021

Following our main launch, we will also be launching the ability for holders of E1337 digital wearable NFTs to be able to seamlessly “exchange” them for wearability in other platforms through an NFT swap contract.

Holders will be able to swap back and forth as many times as they would like, although each swap will incur a gas transaction fee.

Stage 3: Full Container NFTs — Q4 2021

It is our goal to create one E1337 digital wearable NFT to rule them all.

Holding one E1337 digital wearable NFT should enable you to wear the same digital gear across the Top 3 metaverses without having to swap for a new NFT each time.

This will however, be dependent on the emergence of a common metaverse wearable standard, or the interoperability of metaverse platforms.

Stage 4: Digital Wearable Maintenance and Governance — Q3 2021

As platforms continue to grow and evolve, so will the technical and resolution based capabilities of each.

We want the E1337 Community to prevent digital wearable obsoletion by actively participating in monthly votes through the E1337 DAO to decide on where developer resources are allocated for wearable upgrades and maintenance.

In addition to this, as the entire metaverse landscape continues to shift, the E1337 DAO will also be responsible for voting on the top 3 metaverse projects that E1337 will support in the absence of common industry standards.

Stage 5: Full Container NFTs +DAO + Swap Contract — 2022

Stage 5 of the E1337 digital wearable evolution marks the cohesion of having:

  • A single digital wearable NFT that functions and is interoperable with the top 3 metaverse platform projects.
  • A DAO that governs and prioritizes the maintenance and upgrading of existing digital wearables.
  • An NFT swap contract that allows holders to seamlessly upgrade their digital wearables far into the future.

Here at E1337 we believe that NFTs not only need to be beautiful, but also need to have utility.

In an industry that has only just begun it’s meteoric journey, it’s also essential that the utility is future proofed and collectors do not find themselves with an obsolete NFT within a couple of months of purchase.

E1337: Built for Gaming, Inspired by Digital, Powered by Blockchain.

Stay tuned.

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