E1337 and the Blockchain: How the World’s First Luxury E-Sports Apparel Brand is Leveraging Blockchain Technology

Graphic by Daniel Ignacio, commissioned E1337 artwork, 2020

E1337 meets the Blockchain

Here at E1337 we are not only at the forefront of gaming, we are also passionate about technological innovation. One of the most recent groundbreaking innovations of our generation is the Blockchain and E1337 fully leverages the power and capabilities of Blockchain technology to enhance your experience with us.

The E1337 Metaverse Store:

We have invested in one of the world’s largest voxel based metaverse platforms, Cryptovoxels, to provide our fans with a Metaverse store that you can browse in both Virtual Reality as well as through your browser.

Our Metaverse store marks an evolution from physical stores and website based shopping to provide you with a unique shopping experience in 3D and in VR.

At the E1337 Metaverse Store, you can browse the most updated look book, purchase digitable collectibles as well as socialize with the E1337 community.

This beautiful digital architecture was created in conjunction with Voxel Architects.

Check us out here: https://www.cryptovoxels.com/play?coords=N@451W,343S

E1337 Authenticity Token:

All customers who successfully purchase a piece of E1337 apparel will receive a unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that proves the authenticity of your purchase.

This Authenticity Token will contain the information of the item that you purchased, as well as a record that your token was minted just for you from our official E1337 Ethereum account.

Undeniable proof of authenticity should you ever need to prove ownership or provenance of your E1337 apparel.

All you need to do is provide us with your Ethereum cryptowallet address (such as Metamask or a hardware wallet address from a Ledger device) and we will deposit this authenticity token within 30 days of your purchase.

Please note that at the current time, if you provide us with a crypto exchange based Ethereum address, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to access your Authenticity Token due to their technical limitations.

E1337 Air Drop Rewards:

We are grateful for your support and to reward our customers, the E1337 team will occasionally organize air drops of special discounts, redeemable coupons for physical goods and special edition digital collectibles.

Once you are in possession of an E1337 Authenticity Token, there is nothing else you need to do but sit back, relax and enjoy the rewards for being a loyal customer.

The larger the number of Authenticity Tokens that you posssess, the larger the rewards!

And More…

Over the next few months, E1337 will continue to invest, partner and leverage the amazing power of the Blockchain so please stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, if you are unfamiliar with using an Ethereum wallet, here is are 5 easy steps to get you started:

1, Download Google Chrome.

2, Download the Metamask client add-on for Google Chrome.

3, Set up your account and make sure you record keep your seed phrase in a secure place.

4, You can check your Non-Fungible Token (NFT) inventory by going to OpenSea.io and signing in with your wallet.

5, Provide us with your Metamask Ethereum wallet address when prompted during check out to receive your E1337 Authenticity Token.

Are you ready to start your journey as an E1337ist?

Follow us and Wear the Victory:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/E1337_Pro




The world’s first metaverse luxury apparel brand only attainable through social tokens. Built for Gaming, Inspired by Digital, Powered by Blockchain.

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E1337 Metawear

E1337 Metawear

The world’s first metaverse luxury apparel brand only attainable through social tokens. Built for Gaming, Inspired by Digital, Powered by Blockchain.

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