E1337: An Introduction to the World’s First Luxury E-sports Apparel Brand


E1337 is the world’s first luxury E-sports apparel brand.

Founded by a professional team of passionate gaming and design enthusiasts, E1337 apparel was developed from the ground up with the gamer lifestyle in mind. From the choice of materials, to decisions on the smallest clothing design elements, every aspect of each E1337 apparel piece is designed to maximize comfort, performance and aesthetics.

Designed, sourced and manufactured in the Mecca of E-sports, Seoul South Korea, E1337 empowers E-sports Enthusiasts to unleash their inner champions and be victorious in the arenas of gaming and life.

Brand Ethos:

From Game Time to Bedtime:

E1337 apparel is developed with comfort at the core of the E1337 experience. Whether you are sitting through an extensive gaming marathon, racing around town running errands, or dreaming in bed, E1337 apparel wears as comfortable as a second skin… an Avatar.

From Home to Business:

With a sleek, rich yet minimalist design, E1337 apparel is both camera-stream and boardroom ready. Pair E1337 apparel with jeans or sweats for maximum at-home comfort, or even better, suit up and with our E1337 Signature T-shirts to unleash your modern business tech mogul.

From Design to Quality:

Designed, sourced and manufactured in the Mecca of E-sports, Seoul South Korea, E1337 apparel is born from and for gaming: Beautiful gaming inspired aesthetics paired with advanced performance customizations… all built on a foundation of the best quality fabrics, materials and processes to ensure that your E1337 apparel can run the gamut… for a very long time.

From Gaming to E-sports

Whether your are an E-sports Enthusiast or a Professional Gamer, E1337 apparel is designed with the highest performance specifications, empowering you to live well, play better and all while, looking your best.

Core Values:

Unique: The E1337 brand and design language is synonymous with high performance gaming and E-sports. Similar to basketball jerseys, basketball caps and yoga pants, E1337 apparel empowers E-sports Enthusiasts to express their passion and love for competitive gaming to the world.

Comfortable: The corner stone of the apparel development process, E1337 sources the highest quality fabrics and materials, paired with an extensive quality testing process, to ensure that E1337 apparel is not only comfortable enough to live in, but also comfortable enough to sleep in.

Tactical: Through extensive analysis of the lifestyle and environment of gamers, E1337 makes advance performance customizations to the design of each style of apparel. From the choice of fabrics to the placement and size of each zipper, each apparel design decision is purposefully made to maximize performance and convenience.

Empowering: E1337 apparel is the power suit of E-sports Enthusiasts. From the brand name (derived from the hax0r term “leet/ 1337” used as an adjective to describe formidable prowess or accomplishment), to the brand design (the Blockchain Diamond) and the bold, rich yet minimalist color schemes, E1337 apparel inspires and empowers wearers to perform at the highest levels, both in-game and in life.

Stylish: Breaking from the traditional gamer fashion stereotype, E1337 apparel is designed with sleek lines, sophisticated design elements and a refined color scheme, instantly elevating the wearer’s fashion aesthetic the moment they put on a piece of E1337 apparel.

Are you ready to start your journey as an E1337ist?

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/E1337_Pro



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E1337 Metawear

E1337 Metawear

The world’s first metaverse luxury apparel brand only attainable through social tokens. Built for Gaming, Inspired by Digital, Powered by Blockchain.